Meet the band

Deepstar Safari is the brainchild of G 'The Wolf' who came to Nuremberg in 2016 as a bass player.


It wasn't long before he began noodling over old riffs he'd written during his time with his first band which he'd departed some years before leaving for Germany. The riffs were snippets, sequences, melodies, which he'd accrued although had never pieced together.


Over the years, he had acquired experience working with producers and engineers of acts such as Oasis, Muse, Queen, David Bowie, among others, and remembered what he had learned. He was able to use this experience to begin dreaming of a band - a grunge band, but one which incorprated ideas from the decade before Grunge, and the decade after. He wanted simple pop arrangements, simple pop hooks, but beneath a thunder of rhythm, and a rainbow of harmony above - to be supplied by key parts.


There have been many members come and go so far. And while these musicians contributed great things, and helped propel Deepstar, there arose disputes over stylistic and strategic direction. Sometimes even open-war. But hey, art is heart, and if the artist isn't satisfied then the art ends there. Tough decisions were made to bring Deepstar closer to the darker, more hypnotic, yet sweeter sounds of The Wolf's dream.


Now, the latest Deepstar, or DS2 as The Wolf jokes, is ready to rain on the conservative parade.