Meet the band

@Zoltán Gál, 2018

Deepstar Safari was born in Nuremberg, Bavaria, spring 2015. G formed the band after deciding that his solo acoustic act could never be big enough for the songs. So, the adverts went out. The first taker to the advert was Viktor – a Ukrainian.


With two members, Deepstar was 100% non-German, but this was to change some months later with the addition of Simone and Michi – both German. Now, the band was half German. The final addition to complete the line-up was Andreas on bass.

Deepstar is an international band which calls Nuremberg its home. G is the principal songwriter while the band contribute their own ideas to the music.


The band is very much influenced by Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Indie, Punk, Grunge, Pop, Metal – all of these flavours turn up somewhere in their songs.