Meet the band

Singer/songwriter ‘G’ formed Deepstar Safari in Nuremberg (2018) after a few solo acoustic performances convinced him he needed more muscle behind the melody.

He made adverts online advertising for a crew who would be brave enough to avoid playing cover songs, and who would share his vision.

Viktor answered firstly, after a number of weeks. He and G met in a bar in Nuremberg – neither of them able to speak the same language. And yet, they were able to dream, plan, and strategise, and build the foundation for the band to be.

Simone and G met in a bakery in Gostenhof where Simone admitted to having no idea of how to play keyboards. G was to write all the keys for a while until Simone became comfortable transferring her classical training over to synths.

After some experimentation with guitarists and bassists, band fights, people quitting and rejoining or being fired, Deepstar became the 4-piece it is today. The final piece to the puzzle was Felipe who caught the band at a show near Nuremberg. He loved their sound and songs and approached G afterwards where they arranged an audition.

While G is the principal songwriter, the band members all contribute their own ideas to the music.

Deepstar Safari is very much influenced by Alternative Rock, Classic Rock, Indie, Punk, Grunge, Funk, Pop, Metal – all of these flavours turn up somewhere in their songs.

Right now they are getting their live sets together, preparing for recordings, releasing videos, and engaging local radio. People are just starting to notice their unique blend of musical themes, powerful melodic songs, and slightly crazy public persona.


Since July 2019, some things have changed. The ethos remains the same while the platform of musicians has opened up. Stay tuned for the latest page in the story