Drummer and percussionist Jörg was told of Deepstar Safari by friend and former-bandmate Jimmy, sometime around summer 2019. The pair had been waiting some time for the chance to reunite the ‘Crazy Bastards’ rhythm section, which they splendidly have.


Jörg describes himself as ‘a drummer’s drummer’ which led The Wolf to dub him ‘Dynamo’ – owing to his unstoppable energy.


His uplifting energy on the drums is ying to Jimmy’s yang: Jimmy’s droning bass combined with Dynamo’s punk prowess provides thunder for The Wolf to howl to.


Besides Deepstar, Jörg is a singer and guitarist himself. He wants to put his personal and social experiences one day to music and front his own project.


He is also something of a dog whisperer and loves his pooches. He is well-known for his ability to make friends and enemies with no reason for anything inbetween.