Felipe - bass

@Zoltán Gál, 2019



  • Hoyer jazz bass - 4 Strings


  • Harley Benton 40 Watt from Thomann


  •  Zoom B3 Effects box

‘The Kid From Seville’ played Spanish, funk, and flamenco guitar, but later transferred this all over to the bass. He has his own unique style, now blending these influences with rock. It doesn't matter whether he plays Rumba or Bulerías on the guitar, or covers the Red Hot Chili Peppers or Pearl Jam on bass, his Seville roots are strong and his finger style powerful and punchy.

He is open to most genres of music – except that anything NOT Funk, Rock or Flamenco is NOT Music.

His motto is: “I am the number one, the work should be done by the number two”, because he won’t do anything he doesn’t want to. Maybe this is the famous Spanish siesta spirit.

Felipe is attached to old guitars and hangs onto them until they disintegrate. He still pounds his old German-made Hoyer bass but at least thank god he changes the strings!