While waiting for the mother ship to pick him up, Jimmy was adopted by Deepstar Safari around summer 2019. Jimmy’s entrance to the band spelled the beginnings of a darker Deepstar now labelled ‘DS2’. This darker DS2 is something similar to what Jimmy knows from his home planet.


Besides playing the bass and singing backing, Jimmy is known for his ‘bobbing’ while playing. This led The Wolf to name him ‘J-Bop’, which has several sexual meanings in the urban dictionary. It is also a derivation for Jimmy being the fashion guy of the band.


Jimmy is currently studying at fashion school and wants to establish ‘Deepstar Safari Clothing’ as the band’s own fashion label – a tough job, not for the faint-hearted.


With Jörg (both former members of the band ‘Stop Feeding Please!’), he and Jimmy are architects of ‘The Crazy Bastards’ – synonym for the new rhythm section. All this brings Deepstar Safari to a new darker, more smooth and hypnotically-droning sound. J-Bop and Dynamo are avid street music performers which offer The Wolf and Simone the chance to finally hit the streets.


Sacha, owner of the 4/20 Chilli Company, once called Jimmy ‘Mr. Blacknail’ – even though Jimmy doesn’t participate in Sacha’s #nailswar.


He likes hot showers, rainy days, and painfully spicy food.