Michi - guitar

@Zoltán Gál, 2017

Michael ‘Michi’ Schroll – lead guitarist and pup of the band.


After trying to imitate his idols in cover bands, he decided he wanted to make some noise of his own.

The boy loves Green Day. Also, Billy Talent, Bring me the Horizon, A Day To Remember, and Papa Roach.

He is open to most genres of music – even electronic music! (but he draws the line at Barbie Girl).


His motto is: “never scoff at what you want but think you can’t have”, because he knows what he wants, and he shreds guitars for it.


Michi owns a load of equipment but still can’t get enough of it – especially the love for Gibson (Les Paul Junior) guitars. He collects them like sweets!



  • Gretsch Synchromatic G1616 silver sparkle (most probably made in the early 2000s)
  • Gibson Les Paul Junior pelham blue (made in 2011)
  • Gibson Les Paul CM satin ebony (made in 2015)
  • Epiphone EJ-200CE natural


  • Hughes&Kettner Tubemeister 36 valve amp
  • Harley Benton G112 Vintage (1x12“ cabin)
  • Marshall MG412 (4x12“ cabin)


  •  Palmer MI pedaltrain 40 (pedal-board itself)
  •  Palmer MI Phaser
  •  Palmer MI Pocket Delay
  •  Behringer UC200
  •  Behringer RV300
  •  Behringer HB01 Wah-Wah
  •  TC Electronic Polytune 2